Rock testing laboratory equipment: Ensuring accuracy into every test

July 21, 2021

 It is very much important for the organisations to depend upon the rock testing lab equipment at the time of undertaking different kinds of decisions because the rock material is prone to degradation and unexpected failure if not undertaken or undergone through proper comprehensive testing. Hence, the rock testing procedure will always involve the determination of the strength as well as elastic properties of the material with the help of utilisation of the rock testing machine and the following are the most important equipment provided by the rock testing laboratory equipment suppliers:

  1. Sample preparation: This particular type of cutting machine can be perfectly utilised in cutting the rocks of concrete, stone and other building material into specific parts and the best benefit is that it will always come with a rotating diamond saw. The diamond saw will be perfectly undertaken with the help of operating on 440 V three-phase supply machines which will rotate at 2000 RPM. In this particular machine, the automatic model is also available that provides people with complete accuracy and safety features in the whole process.
  2. Drilling machine: This is considered to be the most compact and mobile machine that can be perfectly utilised for machinery through the hard rock, tiles, marbles and concrete throughout the process. It will always help in making sure that people will be utilising the powerful two-speed motor perfectly and will further be making sure that overall goals will be efficiently achieved because of the accuracy and single operation provided by this machine.
  3. Testing equipment: This particular type of equipment has been perfectly utilised for the strength classification of the rock material and the apparatus which meets all the essential requirements of the international standards will be perfectly carried out through this particular machine. Everything will be highly portable and will be used for the intended field measurements so that it can be perfectly used for laboratory testing systems. The frame can even take a regular specimen of the maximum dimensions of the hundred MM into hundred MM and cores of hundred MM diameter. It is also available in two different kinds of models and the best one is the digital point load testing machine which comes with better sensitivity and is also very much capable of providing organisations with better capacity.
  4. High-pressure controllers: This particular type of machine has been specifically designed with the motive of maintaining the confining pressure add the set value with the help of things so that it is very effective for any kind of other processes. The series of relays are provided for the automatic actuation of the whole process which further makes sure that it will be eliminating the static friction throughout the process very easily. It is also easily available into the digital model which is further very much accurate and makes sure that every operation can be performed by the touch panel by setting out the pressure amount through the computer.

 Hence, the rock testing instruments provided by the best suppliers in this industry are very much capable of fulfilling the overall purpose is very easily and help in making sure that organisations will be making the right decisions throughout the process.


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