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Amazing Things To Do In Bahamas

July 27, 2021

When in Bahamas one has to spend a gorgeous holiday among the striking beaches and islands.

If one is planning a trip there, they can think of home rentals in Bahamas because they have some attractive options where one can have a relaxing and fun holiday. In a relaxing Caribbean vacation, here are some major things to do:

Get the most of Bahamas Beaches

This is a place where most people arrange for a relaxing vacation where they can unwind the stress and spend some peaceful and fun days. Bahamas has lovely beaches and sterling water with clear sands and one can spend hours relaxing there. If one wants to do something bit adventurous then they can always take a deep dive and meet the vibrant coral reefs under water or go for a hike at the Glass Window Bridge. Paradise Island not only has beaches but has kid friendly water parks as well where they can enjoy to their fullest. There are some beaches which are great for horseback riding and snorkelling and then there is the famous Gold Rock Beach where the famous movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ was shot. One can also take a visit to the popular Pig Beach where one can swim and feed some wild pigs.

Bahamas Boat Tours

If one wants to enjoy the water bodies of the Bahamas to the fullest, then taking a boat tour is the best idea. If one is up for a chartering boat then they can go for various activities like snorkelling, diving and fishing. There are quite a few rides which can offer access to private islands and one can have picnic there with their family and friends.

Diving and Snorkelling

The underwater world in Bahamas is a wonderland. One can get to see coral reefs, underwater caves sea turtles, stingrays, sharks, dolphins and many other things. There are plenty of local beaches and private islands like Grand Bahamas, New Providence and Andros where one can have plenty of water activities. There are plenty of boat tours that include snorkelling as a part of the itinerary. There are experienced divers who can help one to view the underwater there.

Lucayan National Park 

There are 3 main national parks on the Grand Bahamas Island and this one is definitely the most favourite. There is a spread of mangrove over 40 acres of land along with pine and palm trees and this is the national park where the impressive Gold Rock Beach lies as mentioned above. There are Ben’s Cave and Mound Cave where lies the remains of indigenous Lucayans and these 2 caves are the part of the world’s longest underwater limestone cave. Apart from enjoying the mangroves and the beaches, one can also indulge into kayaking here.

Then there is the Clifton Heritage National Park which comes with the lush walking trails. One can get to see the popular Jaws Beach where the movie ‘Jaws’ was shot.

One can book a vacation home in the Bahamas and enjoy their holidays to the fullest.

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