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How Should You Take Care Of Colorama Dracaena Plant?

July 26, 2021

You are all aware about the benefits of keeping plants in your houses. Both the indoors and the outdoors of your houses will look very pretty with the presence of certain beautiful plants that are available in the markets. Some plants are such which you may not easily found in the market places but they are very easily available in the online markets. Such a plant is colorama dracaena. These are very beautiful plants that look the best inside your houses.

But only completion of the process of buy dracaena plant online will not suffice. You have to take good care of the plant otherwise it will not survive. You have to follow certain tips in order to keep the plant healthy and living for a long period of time.

  • It is best to keep it inside the rooms because even though it requires sufficient amount of sunlight for growth, too much of Sun’s heat may burn the leaves of the plant and thus it will loose it’s beauty.
  •  watering of the dracaena plant is too much essential. But regular watering is not needed because with regular watering, fungal infection may occur in the plants. So watering of these plants should be done twice or thrice a week. You can keep a check in the soil of the planters inside which this plant is planted, by poking your finger inside it. If you feel the moisture that means the soil has sufficient water and if you don’t, then pour adequate water inside it.
  • There should be hole at the bottom of the planters to drain out the excess water. Otherwise it may lead to the rotting of the root.
  • The surrounding for keeping a dracaena plant should be a balanced one. There should be a moderate humidity otherwise the plant may not suit with the prevailing humidity of the place where you have kept it. If it cannot suit itself with the atmosphere, discoloration of the leaves of this plant start to take place.
  • Giving fertilizers to these plants is not required during the cold days. It is required only during the summer days that too should be given at a gap of fifteen days.
  • The wiping of the leaves or the branch tips of the dracaena plants should be done once in a month. With this, the plant will remain well and will also be able to grow well. It should be done carefully with sharp scissors for the better growth of the plant.
  • It is better to keep away dracaena plants away from your pets as they are toxic for them. A dog eating up a portion of this particular plant, may fall sick and suffer from vomiting and diarrhea. A particular component is present in these plants which results into this.

These plants are available online so there is absolutely no need of moving nursery to nursery in search of these. You can now order for these easily online and get.

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