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The Ultimate Guide For Moss Walls

July 26, 2021

The greenery around us makes us happy. We all want a place in our working area or home where we can feel nature. Here the naturally preserved green leaves and moss works great. This is a modern way that looks aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and attracts everyone’s attention. Also, with the help of vegetal identities, the brands can create logos, using premium moss, which will grab the attention of the visitors. As we usually spent most of the time indoors, naturally preserved moss is the best alternative.

Moss green wall is comprised of naturally preserved moss that is mounted back on boards and panels. It is used for decorative purposes for both commercial and residential spaces. Moss used on moss walls is 100% natural that is no longer living. Also, this is non-toxic and preserves its freshness and appearance and does not require soil, water and sunlight. All you just need to maintain is the right level of humidity in your space. You can customize the moss walls in any shape and size. You can use wooden frames and then install moss between them to give an attractive look. Species of preserved mosses used in moss walls include sheet moss, reindeer moss, pillow moss, fern moss, and mood moss. In short, the moss walls do not require lighting, fertilizing, etc. Following are some of the benefits of moss walls:

  • Direct connection to nature- If you have a moss wall at any place in your home, you will have a feeling of direct connection to nature. This will give you a feeling of serenity in your place.
  • Sound absorption- The moss walls help in dampening the noise levels and this thing works great for commercial spaces as this thing can be used as dividers to divide the departments.
  • Less maintenance- You don’t have to worry about watering, fertilizing or trimming as they are no longer living. They require little humidity to keep them healthy and vibrant for a longer period of time.
  • High productivity- According to the facts, greenery around us makes us more productive and active. The moss walls help in creating a healthier work environment for the employees working in the business premises. Many brands have experienced a high employee productivity rate.
  • Thermal control- The moss walls help in stabilizing indoor humidity by absorbing excess moisture. Also, it helps in retaining moisture in the dry room.
  • Best for long-term- Preserved moss remains in the exact quality for at least 10 years. They look all healthy and greenery all year long.
  • Space-saving- Moss walls can be designed and customized in any shape and size. They are perfect if you have small spaces.
  • Environment friendly- This is eco-friendly as the moss is naturally preserved and made into use. Moss has a relatively lower carbon footprint when compared to both living and artificial plants.

So above are some benefits of moss walls in both commercial and residential spaces. You can easily get installation services for moss green wall in Dubai. 

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