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Water Purifier Service in Kanpur

July 23, 2021

Water purifiers are an utmost necessity in cities like Kanpur, where there is the supply of low-quality water by authorities because of the sheer population that it has to cater to. There is also an acute shortage of drinking water in parts of Kanpur, especially in the summer season. This is one of the reasons that almost every other middle-income home in the city has a water purifier installed at their place. One cannot compromise with the quality of drinking water they and their family consume. It directly impacts the health of the whole family.

The well-known water purifier brands are available in Kanpur. Aquaguard is one such brand which is the most famous and oldest brand of water purifier in our country. Aquaguard is marketed by Eureka Forbes, and in Kanpur, you can find their showrooms and dealers almost everywhere. For Aquaguard service Kanpur has many service centers spread across, and there is a high chance that wherever you live in the city, one service center will be in your vicinity as well.

Why Does a Water Purifier Need Maintenance?

Water purifiers are generally high-maintenance products. They run on a set of filters that purify water in various stages. After a period of usage, the performance of these filtration units diminishes. The time taken to happen varies depending on the usage and how many people are using the water purifier. Ideally, it’s about a year; after that, one has to contact the service center in Kanpur and get the filtration units replaced.

It is a resident of Kanpur, a major reason why you should choose the brand cautiously at the time of purchase. Because it’s not a one-time transaction that is going to happen between the customer and the brand. But instead, it’s a continuous relationship that needs to keep on building with time. This is one of the reasons why the post-sales service network and the customer service of the water purifier brand in Kanpur need to be at par.

About RO Water Purifier

The water purifier has many moving parts, and the most important of them is the filter units. The water purifier which is most common in Kanpur nowadays is the RO water purifier. For Aquaguard, the most selling water purifier in Kanpur is the RO water purifier. There are also another set of advanced models available in Kanpur, which are RO plus UV water purifiers. The RO water purifier works on the principle of reverse osmosis. In this method, the water is passed through a semipermeable membrane with high pressure. This leads to the filtration of many micro suspended particles behind.

This unit needs to be replaced timely through the service centers in Kanpur. If this RO unit is not replaced in time, then the quality of water output degrades. Especially in a city like Kanpur, where supply water is not fit for drinking at all. Based on the locality you stay in Kanpur, you should decide which kind of RO purifier with how much TDS value you should use in your filter. The TDS value directly links with the hardness and softness of water available in your area.

What is RO+UV Water Purifier?

The hardness of water means a higher percentage of minerals like magnesium in the water, which decreases the solubility of water. This also makes the water undrinkable. In Kanpur, this problem is quite common in most areas.RO water purifier also has an inbuilt Water Softener. This helps in softening the water and, in turn, reduces the TDS value of the water as well. Some advanced water purifiers available in Kanpur also have an ultraviolet ray unit to kill all pathogens in the water.

Such water purifiers are costly than RO water purifiers but ensure better quality water output in Kanpur. Also, the UV unit does not need replacement. It’s good to purchase RO plus UV water purifier from Aquaguard in Kanpur. So, if you think of replaceable parts, then it’s the RO unit, water softener, external filter cartridges. All these need time replacements, and if you are a resident of Kanpur, then you should be very serious about getting them replaced timely.

Why should we purchase AMC?

One of the important things that Aquaguard service Kanpur offers is the water purifier AMC package. This is the extended warrantee plan where one can purchase this by giving a lumpsum amount. In return, the company extends the warranty by one or two years. That means for a buyer from Kanpur, even after their water purifier’s default warranty ends after one year, you will continue to get the services without any additional cost.

This includes multiple service visits from Aquaguard service engineers for cleaning and maintenance. The most lucrative thing that comes with AMC is the replacement of all the filters once a year for free of cost. So, all your filter parts are replaced in time with no extra cost. This is the reason that Kanpur residents should also purchase AMC once their RO water purifier completes one year of warranty.

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