6 Key Benefits of Using AngularJS for Web App Development

July 29, 2021

Nowadays, web apps development has become a necessary factor owing to advanced technologies. With a rapidly growing community of product owners emerging and learning together, web app development has come up as an upbeat phenomenon, and AngularJS is an exceptional framework for front-end development. This robust framework has brought the revolution in the web development domain, and the benefits of AngularJS have surpassed almost every framework that came before it.

Using this excellent framework can help you build comprehensive applications. All you need is to hire top AngularJS developers for expert guidance throughout the development process.

Introduction to AngularJS Framework

Google introduced the AngularJS framework as an open-source web framework that extends JavaScript, CSS, and HTML capabilities. AngularJS is famed worldwide for dynamic web apps. Its dependency injection and data binding reduce the amount of code one currently has to build. 

AngularJS offers seamless compatibility with various popular platforms; that’s why Angular web apps are more versatile and reliable.

When AngularJS framework was launched in the market, its primary purpose was to develop SPAs. Though being a marvelous tool, it has broken this limitation. AngularJS, built entirely in Typescript, has the potential to create enterprise apps. It comprises an array of beneficial tools such as navigation features, auto-completion, and extensive refactoring.

To get a realistic idea of how tough it was for AngularJS to come with any dynamic. Let’s take a glance at some crucial examples of popular apps that use AngularJS.

  • AngularJS’s dynamic features are beneficial for travel apps like JetBlue’s website.
  • The video streaming giant Netflix is developed using AngularJS.
  • You probably get awestruck after knowing that even LinkedIn uses AngularJS for all their smartphone users.

AngularJS is a handy technology to build apps that provides you with user-generated content. This comprehensive platform helps product owners to connect with and hire AngularJS developers to fulfill their needs.

Main Features of AngularJS

Following are the various comprehensive features AngularJS offers for product owners worldwide.

  • Dependency Injection is an inbuilt subsystem that helps you to design and test the app with ease.
  • Two-Way Data Binding helps you by synchronizing the information between Model and View components.
  • Directives are the Document Object Model elements, and Angular offers you inbuilt directives like ngBind, tngModel, etc.
  • Model-View-ViewModel Framework enables the separation of UI’s development.
  • POJO Model enables object modification through standard JavaScript functionalities. It eventually makes it to use, reuse and maintain the code.

Key Reasons to Choose AngularJS for Web Development

Since AngularJS’s inception in 2012, it has witnessed various modern features integrated into it and played a crucial role in web development. Being of the most reliable frameworks for front-end development, the following are the key reasons to choose the AngularJS framework for your projects.

Engaging and Agile Community

Google is taking care of AngularJS’s development primarily. This significant fact raises the stature of this comprehensive framework over other popular JavaScript frameworks available in the market. The development team of Google regularly updates and engages with the community to explain the latest updates and several features of this exceptional framework.

Open-Source Platform

AngularJS, an open-source framework, offers product owners a myriad of integration capabilities and functionalities. Also, being a cross-browser-compliant technology keeps you out of worries. As you only have to hire Angular developers to code once, you will be able to use it on various brows

Enterprise-level Testing

AngularJS is a competitive framework that doesn’t require other plugins and frameworks. Chunks of the app are placed under AngularJS modules that are pretty easy to steer. Modular separation allows you to load only the essential services to perform automatic testing.

Single-Page Application Oriented

SPAs are the most comprehensive AngularJS web apps. The side-by-side combination of AngularJS and SPAs works to uplift Apps’ User Interface effectively. As AngularJS comprise a built-in validation that facilitates the error handling process, this framework also serves as an excellent validator.

Declarative Coding Style

The declarative paradigm applied in AngularJS makes the code comprehensive and lightweight.

Client-side Technology

AngularJS plays a critical role on the client-side as there is no requirement for changes for the backend. It is beneficial to utilize AngularJS for the front-end development of any app.

Benefits of Using AngularJS

While AngularJS offers so many benefits to product owners to count upon, the following are some crucial benefits out of them:

  • MVVM Capabilities for mobile app development.
  • MVC Designing to build Model, View, and Controller.
  • Declarative Coding for an entirely natural interpretation.
  • Attribute and Structural Directives for enhancing the production.
  • Bi-Directional Data Binding to sync data seamlessly.

Wrapping Up

In the modern landscape, web app development has evolved as a critical element for every industry; fulfilling the needs with the help of the AngularJS framework helps you save resources and a lot of time. They eventually come up with first-class apps. It will be a great deal for sure if you consider Angular in your next web app development project.

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