Important factors to consider while using chimneys

July 27, 2021

It is a known fact that chimneys have been common and standard equipment that is found in many houses. It is a known fact that there are plenty of best chimney brands in India, which are producing kitchen chimneys continuously. Some of the Glen kitchen chimneys have a reputation for handling heavy-duty kitchens in an easy way.

Smoke guard.

To lower the fireplace’s opening, a smoke guard is a piece made of non-combustible material (usually stainless steel).

To make your fireplace more sturdy, you should first cut a piece of aluminium foil slightly larger than the opening. Tape it to the top of your firebox, covering about a foot of the opening. Use caution when applying the tape. It will need to be adjusted. As the fire goes, keep an eye on the fireplace. Reduce the foil if it releases smoke. If it doesn’t, raise it. It should be adjusted until you determine (a) whether it is working and (b) how large the opening needs to be covered in order to solve your problem.

If your foil smoke guard is working, you can go out and purchase a smoke shield at least twice as large as you need.

Fireplace doors.

The fireplace doors are usually made of tempered glass panels and a metal frame. Fireplace doors are usually made of tempered glass panels in a metal frame. This covers about a few inches of the fireplace opening.

You can also close the doors if the fireplace begins to smoke. You can also save heat by closing fireplace doors before you go to sleep, which prevents heat loss from the flue. You can only close the damper once the fire has been completely out. This is often several days later.

The flue size is too small

Flue size is important. It should not be too small to allow smoke to escape.

For those who are interested in facts and figures: A flue liner size should be approximately one-tenth to one-twelfth of the area of the fireplace opening. Other factors like overall height, chimney location, and chimney construction also play an important role.

Most masonry fireplace flues have 8″ x12″ terracotta tiles. This is only a nominal dimension. The actual inside dimensions are usually closer to 6.5” x 10.5″.

It is not easy to calculate the right flue liner size. As a rough guide, it is possible that your flue is too small.

Are the fireplace openings approximately 36″ in width x 28 inches tall (or greater)?

Is the flue lining smaller than an 8″x12″ nominal liner?

Do you find the house is more open or drafty than it is well insulated? (If the house is extremely tight, see Depressurized House page 29.

Is the chimney located inside the house? (If the chimney is outside, please refer to The Exterior Chimney page 27, 61.

The next step is to have a professional chimney inspector inspect the whole system. A smoke guard or fireplace door can be installed if the chimney professional finds that the flue is too small. (See page 30). These devices reduce the size of your fireplace by changing the ratio between the opening and the flue size. This improves the fireplace’s ability to draw in all smoke.


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