Apple iOS 15 Updates: Full of Surprises

The anticipation for the latest iOS version is now ended. On June 7, 2021, the business will release the new operating system, iOS 15. Every June, Apple hosts its World-Wide Developer Conference, which, like last year, is entirely virtual. They revealed macOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, and, most crucially, IOS 15 this year. The vast proportion of gear that serves iOS 14 will also support iOS 15.

This latest version of iOS has a slew of new ideas and features that will benefit both consumers and developers. These improvements include a focus on interface changes, the capacity to focus on specific aspects of our living, on-device learning, and viewing the world.

The iOS app development patterns are anticipated to shift as a result of many new modifications. The users, on the other hand, will be anxiously awaiting the latest upgrade.

Many iOS developers would now look at the upgrades to make sure that the apps sit well with them. Although Android has a larger share in the market, we cannot ignore the trends in iOS app development.

So, what can we expect from the new iOS apps? Well, let’s find out more about them in this article.

1. FaceTime

FaceTime is getting a significant upgrade with iOS 15, making video calling a more natural, enjoyable, and lifelike feel. It starts with the FaceTime software, which allows Spatial Audio. Its introduction by Apple was along with the Air Pods Pro. So when utilizing Spatial Sounds-compatible Air Pods, audio will seem to emanate from the smartphone.

In addition, FaceTime will also have an upgrade to help you block out ambient sounds using a feature called Voice Isolation. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will fuel this function, distinguishing your voice and eliminating any other sounds.

FaceTime’s most significant advancements revolve primarily around two new functionalities. The first one is the FaceTime Links, and the second is Share Play. FaceTime links allow you to plan ahead of time a FaceTime conference and then send the URL or invite to participants by email, iMessage, or a calendar invite.

Another significant FaceTime innovation is Share Play, which enables users to enjoy three extra features at the same time: listening to tunes, watching videos together, and screen-sharing.

2. Privacy

Apple promotes the safety and security of its users’ data. And, with iOS 15 security improvements, Apple reaffirmed its promise to making iOS the safest smartphone operating system available. Among the new and innovative features are privacy reports, Mail, and Siri. For example, the Privacy Reports feature in iOS 15 will allow you to audit programs and how they use your information.

Furthermore, Apple Mail now enables individuals to deactivate pixel monitoring and hide IP addresses. This makes it impractical for senders who cannot track your mail viewing to do so. Finally, in Siri, Apple will begin integrating voice recognition on the smartphone by the standard. As a result, your audio will not be transmitted to Apple’s systems to be interpreted for Siri.

In addition, Apple is introducing a new Privacy Report feature for apps. You may utilize it to assess how well specific apps function in terms of safety. The report will contain details about the permissions you’ve granted them, the third-party websites they visit, and how often they reach you.

For an iOS app developer focusing on iOS Application Development, security is a critical point that they need to keep an eye on. Therefore, this update be would be crucial for iOS developers.

3. Maps

Maps have more information than ever before. Apple is now improving the app’s detail, and it can now identify highways, homes, bushes, and buildings with considerably greater precision. It adds a lot more realism to 3D locations and includes a new dark mode. Also, it now consists of a new driving function that displays pavement markings, pedestrian crossings, and bike lanes.

One of the best features is the realistic walking directions, which use AR to provide step-by-step guidance. You may now capture a short AR “movie” of your environment, and it will display precise directions on where to go. Moreover, it can now also display public transit stations and transit times.

4. Messages

The new feature of Messages will inform individuals who are attempting to contact you if your device is set to Do Not Disturb. Users will be aware that you are in a Do Not Disturb mode when you send the text. Individuals can still reach you for important texts. You will receive a notification even if you are in Do Not Disturb mode.

Furthermore, suppose you enjoy sending a lot of photographs using the Messages app. In that case, you are aware that doing so results in the conversation becoming cluttered with each image having its chat session. For that particular issue, Apple is now using the Photo Stacks apps. It will be merging the photos that you are sending into a single circular display.

In addition, the Photos app may now import images sent to you over Messages by others. Corollary, you will no longer have to choose images from the Messages app directly. Additionally, you can now pin items in a conversation. It is a critical development that users can use to pin any important topic. As a consequence, it will save you the trouble of searching through the chat conversations in Messages.

5. Wallet

The Wallet app now looks and feels more like a real wallet than ever before. The software now allows you to save your driving permit or Identity card. Also, you may keep your home key and vehicle key. But It would only work for security systems and vehicles that are compatible with the new system. This makes it so simple to have all of your keys right on your iPhone.

6. Camera/Photos

The Photos app is also receiving a significant update, and it can now recognize content in images. The live text feature enables your smartphone to recognize sharp lettering. You can use it to copy notes from a whiteboard into your notes app or dial a contact simply from the picture.

Also, this feature is available in the camera app, where you may point to the word and instantly underline it. In addition to that, you can translate their items with the help of the Live Text feature. Again, point to the text, and it will translate it.

The app currently offers translation into seven languages: English, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. Another new update of the Photos app is that your experiences are now immediately linked to your Apple Music account. This generates a fascinating user experience and storage depending on your music preferences.

Final Takeaway

These are just a handful of the changes that we may anticipate in the new iOS 15. Unfortunately, there are many more that we can’t cover in one go. But like all of you, we are waiting for the latest iOS version as well. It is likely to bring some changes in iOS app development.

As a result, iOS app development will experience a surge in the coming years. Therefore, a good software development firm is essential for a business that wants to create an iOS app.

They can push their business to the next level if they have one. And you won’t have to go through the trouble of looking for one because we already have one for you. Cubix is a well-known Mobile application development company with over 12 years of experience in Android and iOS app development.

How to Financially Recoup after Divorce

In the last decade, the number of divorce cases has sharply risen that nobody gives a toss to it. Nobody cares about if they are parting their ways from their significant others; everything seems normal to them, but it can be a life-changing event, and you realize this fact when you see a dark cloud looming over your financial life.

The divorce is done, so you must have settled all of your finances with your partner. Now you and your partner will be moving in your own separate ways. Whether you are alone or your children are with you, you will have to take up the responsibility of managing your finances more smartly.

Given the fact that you have children and your ex-spouse pays you money as maintenance for your kids, it does not mean that you do not have to revamp your financial condition.

The good thing is that you have settled all your joint accounts, so your only focus is on yourself.

Ways to take control over your finances post-divorce

Even if you had been living a very good life with your partner until divorce, it must knock down a great blow on your finances.

You may find your financial condition completely wobbly – of course, you will feel it because one of the pillars is out of your life now. Here is what you can exactly do if you are facing financial anxiety.

  • Revamp your budget

The budget that had been helping you greatly until your divorce will not help you at all. You will have to look into your budget and revise it as soon as possible. This is because, at the time, two people had been contributing to the budget, but now you are only there.

It is crucial to make a budget that fits your financial goals.  Old spending habits cannot help you stay afloat. It can be more challenging if you have a child and cannot rely on maintenance support.

You will have to analyze how much money you are making every month and then accordingly you plan for your expenses. Given the fact that you have debt and you are to save money, it can be challenging for you to keep your head above water.

If so, you will have to make big changes. If you keep spending money as you had been before your divorce, you will eventually fall into a serious financial problem, and unfortunately, it will have a ripple effect.

  • Come up with an effective debt settlement plan

Post-divorce, you will have to be careful about your debt. Of course, nobody will share your debt with you. When you are revising your financial budget, you will have to come up with a solid debt management plan.

The earlier you settle your debt, the quicker you will gain control over your spending. Debt puts a lot of burden on your income undoubtedly. Hence, you should settle it down as quickly as possible. A real problem arises when you have multiple debts. Likely, your income does not allow you to pay them.

If you make a default, you will end up rolling over the loan over and over and, as a result, fall into debt. This is not a great idea, especially when you are to pay off the debt in a lump sum.

There are various types of loans, including loans for bad credit in Ireland that require a lump sum payment.

  • You should consolidate all of these debts so that you can pay down the debt in manageable fixed instalments.
  • If you have got a windfall or you think that you can pay off the whole of your debt because you do not want to take on the burden over a couple of next months, you should not mind paying it off before the due date provided it benefits you despite early repayment fees.
  • Build your credit

This piece of advice is generally for those who had no credit card or loans in their own names before the divorce. You may need to borrow money down the road. What if you come up with a financial emergency and do not have enough money in your savings account?

You will have to borrow money, and a lender will check your credit file to analyze the risk associated with lending you money. If you do not have a credit score, the lender will hesitate to lend you money.

This is because it involves very high risk. If the lender approves your application, high interest rates may pose a threat to your finances. Personal loans can be a great way to build your credit from scratch.

Although they can be expensive because of high-interest rates, you do not fear losing anything valuable and will pay off the debt in fixed small installments. When you settle your debt over an extended period, it proves that you can stick loyal to your financial obligations despite ups and downs.

  • Look out for your coverage plans

Have your ex-partner removed from your health insurance as soon as possible. Take a look at all plans that can cover you as well as your kids. You can likely get a better coverage plan this time.

However, at the same time, you will have to think about your insurance premium. Make sure that it does not put a burden on your finances. You are buying health insurance for benefits in the future, not for taking a toll on your finances.

The final word

Financial management is not easy at all, and it becomes tougher when you have separated from your spouse. If you are struggling to recover financially, you need to revise your budget first.

Try to make a debt settlement plan because early settlement can help you avoid burdening your finances in the future.

Improve your credit because you can still need to borrow money down the line. All these tips are crucial to keep a tight rein on your finances.

Reasons Everyone Must Use A Smart Phone

The world in the present time is digital and everyone owns smart phones. What kind of phone do you have? Do you feel that your pocket does not allow getting a new and more featured phone? Well, in case that is the case then you must get yourself a smarter and most featured phone at a price that is not too high.

Moreover, in usual sense, one of the chief real reasons to get a used phone is in case you completely require a certain feature, design chic, or even that of specific brand.    You can easily get a good branded phone and if there ever be any issue, you can get repairs like Samsung phone screen repair. In this way, you can be sure that you get the best experience.

Do you love quality cameras?

Well, in case you are a shutterbug and you think that you require a good camera phone then why not upgrade? For the sake of your camera love, you can easily get a high featured phone that has a good pixel camera. In this manner you would enjoy your pleasure of taking the best shots and at the same time you experience a more featured and upgraded phone.  There are so many of you who desire to take pictures but feel sad that your present phone does not have a good camera. Here, you can easily look for a second-hand phone that has a good and fascinating camera. In this way you can have the perfect photography moments.

Wish to explore new features 

If you desire to explore new features in the phones then you must always check out the second-hand phones. Generally,there are sellers out there who have amazing, brand new and completely functional phones for you to buy. Here, the secret of these first class and wonderful second-hand phones is that some people do buy a new phone every four to five months because of the new features or version in the market.  Since they can afford, they vend their previously bought smart phone even when it is working in the best shape and in the absence of any hardware issues too.  The point is you can always get the phones that you want and that too in your budget. 

Iphone lovers 

Ah, so you spot yourself in the ones who love to have iphone. Well, if you think that you can afford a really expensive iphone, go for it. But if you think that it would be a big burden on your finances then you must check out the second-hand phones you can find out the right device once you explore a little. Talk to professionals and they would not just get you the right devices but also ensure that if there would be any issues, they repair them.


To sum up,  whether Samsung mobile screen repair, a second-hand phone or a new device, you have a lot of options for everything in the present time. After all, it is about your preference.

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